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We are your competent partner for extensions and reconstruction, plaster and stucco, renovation and fire protection and much more. in Germany and Luxembourg.
As a specialist partner from planning to execution, we guarantee a high level of craftsmanship and professional management to complete your project successfully and reliably.

We rely on innovations and modern production methods to always meet the special demands of our customers.

High quality

As a specialist partner from planning to execution, we guarantee a high level of quality craftsmanship

10 years

Koch stands for over a decade of passion and success.


    Dry construction allows to design rooms both economically and flexibly and creatively. Therefore, it is impossible to imagine today's modern interior design without it.

    With flexible drywall and elements, the wishes and needs of a living space can be changed individually. The elements can be arched, curved or bent. Drywall partitions offer a great alternative to lightweight or non-load-bearing interior walls made of solid masonry.

    Since their construction is completely dry except for joint filling, the surface can be processed directly without waiting times. Newly installed walls or suspended ceilings together with thermal insulation together can provide for lower energy costs.

    Our services at a glance

    • Drywall construction for conversion, finishing and completion or renovation
    • Finishing material as desired: plasterboard (Rigips type) or wood fibre
    • Flexible room design with drywall/partition wall
    • With integrated thermal insulation in walls and ceiling on request


    The dry construction method allows not only to design rooms flexibly and creatively, but also offers high-quality and effective fire and noise protection. Standardised and tested fire protection constructions from plasterboard (Rigips type) offer the highest level of safety in the event of a fire in all development areas, from renovated old buildings to modern residential projects, and from commercial buildings to large public buildings. Fire protection in the home provides a feeling of safety, but it is not measurable and therefore a matter of trust. It is a particularly demanding task and therefore must not be taken lightly.

    Our commitment to quality is based on the EN ISO 9001 standard and our certified quality management system, which evaluates and monitors all products and systems as well as our staff.

    In addition, a large number of systems offer simpler and much leaner design structures than comparable systems to DIN 4102. This saves material costs and shortens the construction time. However, system solutions also prove their worth where standardised constructions are no longer sufficient: The Rigips fire-division wall TB, installation/cable ducts, column and beam cladding and cable bulkheads/sealings are examples of this.

    The correct choice of materials and designs ensures that harm to life and limb is averted. This is not only about the dangers from the fire, but also must not produce toxic gases

    Through intensive and continuous development efforts, we always strive for success, which must ultimately result in customer satisfaction. Our fire protection systems are constantly being updated to the latest standards – as is confirmed by test series carried out by well-known institutions – which is why Rigips is our panel of choice.


    Whether the installation of doors, gates or windows, whether conservatories, balcony railings or blinds – we are your partner for the installation of construction elements of all kinds. Decisive for the service life, the usage properties and the functional efficiency of a building element is not only its structural, technical and qualitative condition, but especially its professional assembly as well. We provide professional, reliable and precise installation of various construction elements. And we are also your competent partner for repairs to windows, doors, floors or balconies.

    Our components program at a glance:

    • Front doors and windows made of plastic, aluminium, wood including louvres, shutters, blinds
    • Skylights and prefabricated dormers
    • Interior doors, room doors, sliding doors, room divider, walk-in closet
    • Stair railings, balcony railings, handrails
    • Garage doors (sectional, rolling, up-and-over) – with operator
    • Winter gardens, balconies
    • Fences


    Plaster and stucco work with an individual and creative design can make the building and the rooms shine again in a whole new splendour. Perfect craftsmanship down to the last detail is essential for the result.

    Various interior plasters offer a wide range of options for designing walls and ceilings, whether as a base for subsequent work or as a finishing coat. By using modern filling, surfacing and trowelling techniques, our plasterers and stuccoers can also completely redesign your four walls. And with the help of decorative stucco elements, we design rooms individually and create a noble atmosphere.

    Our services at a glance

    • base plaster, renovation plaster, finishing plaster made of gypsum, lime, lime cement, cement, silicate, red tape, clay or mineral
    • various finishing techniques and precious plasters, e.g. rubbing plaster, spatula techniques, marble plaster, etc.
    • suitable solutions for all living rooms and damp spaces


    Painting, coating and wallpapering bring colour and function to rooms, that's why they are indispensable in modern interior design:

    We customise your facade, as well as your interior individually to you, your needs and your wishes! We carry out facade coatings with innovative colour and structure options for you. This includes facade coatings to protect against driving rain, with low water absorption, with low susceptibility to dirt and with good fire resistance.

    For interior walls, there is an extensive variety of colours. We work with a variety of techniques for you: glazing techniques, plastering, smoothing, wrapping, sponging or sponge dabbing. Spray application of plasters with different grain size is also possible.

    We process all types of wallpaper. The colour selection is huge, decors are available in many different designs. We will be happy to show you our extensive range of sample books. Moisture in buildings provides the best conditions for mould. The causes for this can be quite diverse. We help you to solve this problem and show you professionally and safely how this damage can be repaired.

    Our services for your wall design:

    • Colour design on walls and ceilings
    • Creative plastering techniques (decorative techniques, marble technique)
    • Wallpapering (woodchip, non-woven, photo wallpaper)
    • Facade design and renovation
    • Mould remediation


    Do you have a roof over your head, but the attic is empty? What a shame, because even fairly flat roofs can create a beautiful living space! For example, a dormer or special windows can increase the living space, and energy renovation helps with thermal insulation. Therefore, roof space conversion should be considered as a whole: roof renovation, roofing, attic insulation and roof space conversion. < br>
    Energy costs, for electricity, gas and heating oil, have increasingly put a strain on homeowners' budgets in recent years due to the explosion in energy prices. The highest loss of heat is usually caused by defective and outdated windows or an insufficiently insulated roof. Skylights can be purchased from a wide range of manufacturers. They can be placed on the roof of the house or an extension.

    We can help you implement your ideas for roof conversion or roof space conversion. Simple drywall measures can also easily divide the attic and create small living units.

    Our services at a glance

    • Roofing work: roofing, roof waterproofing and insulation (on-roof insulation, inter-rafter insulation, under-rafter insulation), flat roof renovation.
    • Installation of skylights and dormers
    • Complete roof space conversion: interior finishing, floors, walls


    In modern times, there are modern acoustic systems. These offer the optimal solution for ceilings, as well as walls, as they perform two essential functions.

    On the one hand, the wide range of acoustic panels allows for an almost limitless variety of designs, which can be used to make the overall aesthetic appearance of rooms and buildings particularly appealing.

    On the other hand, the acoustic properties of the panels are ideal for planning and designing optimal room acoustics and optimizing sound insulation from the inside and outside. They meet the highest standards both in terms of material properties and choice of shapes, as well as in their acoustic quality.

    Whether seamless and continuous or as a coffered ceiling, there are perfect solutions for all applications in many appealing designs and edge shapes, in insert assemblies, in invisible rail systems and in the particularly economical exposed rail insert assembly. In combination with unperforated sheetrock, there are countless possibilities for the individual design of your acoustic ceiling.

    Various options and programs combine the function and aesthetics in the modern design of wall and ceiling areas. The installation of lights, ventilation systems, speakers, etc. is straightforward and easy to complete.

    In addition, Rigips acoustic panels offer a long service life and can be renovated at any time without changing the acoustic properties of the ceilings. They also have a positive influence on the indoor climate by being able to absorb and release moisture as well as remove pollutants from the indoor air.

    As a result, we are able to meet the individual and diverse requirements of modern construction – aesthetics, individuality, environmental friendliness, safety and high durability are equally fulfilled by the acoustic solutions.


    Dry screed is a variant that is particularly suitable for dry finishing, for example, for the conversion of an attic space. This eliminates the need for drying and the waiting time required when applying a new coating. Dry screeds are therefore often used in old buildings, as the advantage of rapid drying in a relatively short time for the re-use of the building is fully appreciated. Materials used by dry screeds include chipboard, OSB- boards, hardwood fibreboards, gypsum fibreboards, plasterboard or screed boards.

    Advantages of dry screed are:

    • No waiting time due to drying
    • No drying control
    • No moisture load on the building structure
    • Easy installation
    • Low construction heights
    • Optimally suitable for underfloor heating
    • No risk of deformation due to drying


    The floor is one of the basics of any room, with it stands or falls the design of a room. Unevenness, unclean finishes and irregularities in the pattern are immediately noticeable and can be difficult to correct afterwards. For the professional and attractive installation of a floor, one must take many factors into account.

    In addition to high-quality materials, craftsmanship and a trained eye, what counts most is the right technique when laying the floor coverings. For this reason, it is important to have a reliable and competent partner at your side.

    We lay all types of flooring:

    • Laying wooden floors: parquet, laminate, floorboards
    • PVC and vinyl design flooring
    • Carpet flooring
    • Natural coverings such as cork, linoleum
    • Tiles and natural stone floors


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