In modern times, there are modern acoustic systems. These offer the optimal solution for ceilings, as well as walls, as they perform two essential functions.

On the one hand, the wide range of acoustic panels allows for an almost limitless variety of designs, which can be used to make the overall aesthetic appearance of rooms and buildings particularly appealing.

On the other hand, the acoustic properties of the panels are ideal for planning and designing optimal room acoustics and optimizing sound insulation from the inside and outside. They meet the highest standards both in terms of material properties and choice of shapes, as well as in their acoustic quality.

Whether seamless and continuous or as a coffered ceiling, there are perfect solutions for all applications in many appealing designs and edge shapes, in insert assemblies, in invisible rail systems and in the particularly economical exposed rail insert assembly. In combination with unperforated sheetrock, there are countless possibilities for the individual design of your acoustic ceiling.

Various options and programs combine the function and aesthetics in the modern design of wall and ceiling areas. The installation of lights, ventilation systems, speakers, etc. is straightforward and easy to complete.

In addition, Rigips acoustic panels offer a long service life and can be renovated at any time without changing the acoustic properties of the ceilings. They also have a positive influence on the indoor climate by being able to absorb and release moisture as well as remove pollutants from the indoor air.

As a result, we are able to meet the individual and diverse requirements of modern construction – aesthetics, individuality, environmental friendliness, safety and high durability are equally fulfilled by the acoustic solutions.


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