The dry construction method allows not only to design rooms flexibly and creatively, but also offers high-quality and effective fire and noise protection. Standardised and tested fire protection constructions from plasterboard (Rigips type) offer the highest level of safety in the event of a fire in all development areas, from renovated old buildings to modern residential projects, and from commercial buildings to large public buildings. Fire protection in the home provides a feeling of safety, but it is not measurable and therefore a matter of trust. It is a particularly demanding task and therefore must not be taken lightly.

Our commitment to quality is based on the EN ISO 9001 standard and our certified quality management system, which evaluates and monitors all products and systems as well as our staff.

In addition, a large number of systems offer simpler and much leaner design structures than comparable systems to DIN 4102. This saves material costs and shortens the construction time. However, system solutions also prove their worth where standardised constructions are no longer sufficient: The Rigips fire-division wall TB, installation/cable ducts, column and beam cladding and cable bulkheads/sealings are examples of this.

The correct choice of materials and designs ensures that harm to life and limb is averted. This is not only about the dangers from the fire, but also must not produce toxic gases

Through intensive and continuous development efforts, we always strive for success, which must ultimately result in customer satisfaction. Our fire protection systems are constantly being updated to the latest standards – as is confirmed by test series carried out by well-known institutions – which is why Rigips is our panel of choice.


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