Screed insulation drying Water damage or leaking water pipes usually have unpleasant consequences – especially with screed floors: floor tiles come loose, the parquet swells or mould forms on the walls. Moisture penetrates invisibly into the insulation layer under the screed. Surface drying cannot solve the problem. Drying must start deeper where it cannot be seen: under the screed. And that’s exactly what you need our know-how for. We work with electrical measuring devices to immediately determine and limit the area of damage. And: in individual cases, we repair the damage without removing the floor covering and screed. The advantage: you can use the rooms during the drying process. A clean solution.

  • Drying of the insulation layer (subfloor drying) by system drying using the vacuum method or pressure method.
  • Dry and heated air is flooded into the insulation layer through special openings.
  • In the course of the flow, the dry air accumulates moisture from the insulation layer and escapes through outlets into the enclosed space.
  • Through this process, drying of the insulation material and the cavities is achieved up to the compensation moisture.

Construction heating In the winter, nature gives itself a break… However, the client cannot afford such a break. Weather-related standstills in construction cause schedule delays and significant cost increases. But it is not only on construction sites that heaters are used. No matter whether for quick heating of workshops, small basements, garages or storage rooms, or even for a tent event. We have the optimal solution for everything. Our portable electric heaters are designed for unattended as well as continuous operation. We have different types of equipment. Just ask – we will advise you according to your request.


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