Put an end to damp walls and mould. Leave drainage and waterproofing to us experts.

Waterproofing work is defined in DIN 18195. Different load cases are differentiated in the water stress, for example soil moisture and non-accumulating seepage water (part 4) or temporarily accumulating seepage water and water pressing from the outside (part 6).

At the same time, our external basement waterproofing offers the following advantages:

  • applicability to even to matt damp substrates
  • enormously high compressive strength of the KMB
  • extremely fast drying
  • environmentally compatible: solvent-free and not harmful to groundwater
  • resistant to aggressive substances according to DIN 4030
  • Maximum safety due to excellent adhesion of the individual systems to each other
  • crack-bridging

If it is not possible to repair the damage to a building’s waterproofing from the outside. In these cases, the restoration can also be done by negative side waterproofing from the inside of the basement.

Negative side waterproofing of a basement with the above method offers the following advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly, so that it can be demonstrably used for living spaces, swimming pools and drinking water tanks
  • The salt transport to the surface is inhibited and salts are bound
  • All grout, levelling and mortar systems are highly sulphate resistant
  • Numerous test certificates and expert opinions testify to the highest durability of the processed materials

Both variants of basement waterproofing can be implemented, in each case with thermal insulation layers.

The advantages of dry masonry for the occupant of a structure are reduced heating costs, a comfortable living environment, and the prevention of corrosion, musty odours, and mould growth.


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