Subsequent horizontal barriers are used where horizontal waterproofing is missing or no longer intact. Here, water penetrates a building component and distributes itself in the existing openings, cracks and smallest cavities, also known as the capillary pores. The capillarity of a building material allows water to be absorbed by the building material similar to a sponge and distributed in the component. With the help of masonry injections, subsequent horizontal barriers against rising damp can be built. These are carried out in conjunction with other measures. The subsequent horizontal barrier penetrates the capillary system of the masonry so that a continuous water-impermeable layer is created in the cross-section of the wall. The subsequent horizontal barrier prevents capillary water transport in the masonry. At the same time, cracks and cavities are sealed.

For the creation of a subsequent horizontal barrier, drill holes are made at a predetermined distance. Special packers are used to grout the various injection materials. The various injection materials – silicone microemulsion, polyurethane resins (PUR resins) and acrylate gels – are based on different active principles, i.e.

  • Clogging of capillary pores (finest cavities)
  • Constriction of capillary pores
  • Hydrophobing (water-repellent equipment of capillary pores)
  • Combination of clogging, narrowing and hydrophobisitation.

Based on the building condition analysis, the professional remediation measure for the subsequent horizontal barrier is determined. Furthermore, the process technology with the suitable filler as well as the injection of the grout with or without pressure and with or without pre-drying is determined.


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